NEW! An improved, more accurate simulation of Computer Space has been released!!

Click here to go to the download page for the installer.

Previously the very satisfactory simulator made by Kevin Karstens was available and much as I enjoyed his work (and he was very patient in putting it together) I felt the limitations were always a hinderance. I have kept Kevin's simulator available for interest's sake, but now a much more accurate simulator has been designed by Mike "Moose" O'Malley. Mike has done an amazing job, capturing all the basics of the actual machine, including recorded sound effects from my own machine, as well as the most minute detail. Follow this link to the new and improved simulator.

Space War emulator

There are a variety Space War recreations out there, most of which either lead to the MAME rom of the 1977 Spacewar arcade game by Vectorbeam from 1977 or a Java based version of something similar. However, I recently heard from a Russian visitor to my site who sent me a proper PDP-1 emulator file of Space War. It operates much closer to what I imagine the original Space War must have been like.
Click here to download the Space War file and to read details of where to get an emulator to run it in.